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Having been directly involved with many properties being developed and remodeled for resale and improving the value of such has benefitted many buyers and investors, developing and planning improvements on different properties is not a "one-size-fits-all".
Each property needs a plan of strategy to achieve the short- or long-term goals in capital spending versus capital gain and gain on investment.
We do consulting for landowners on their long term planning and distribution once we know their plans and goals that they would like to achieve and how to best get it accomplished, along with consultation and management for absentee owners on a month to month basis as per their requirement.
In addition, we do consultation for people who are looking to buy hunting land, recreational land, productive farming land which could be leased out to create income, CRP program land, and land bought for long term investments. Many times it is just the typical cattle ranch that is the long term stable investment property that can be the foundation of portfolio building. These cattle ranches are the ones, when leased to cattle men, are the best tended over a long period of time, and the people who have a interest in the land do not simply make changes for the sake of change while not considering the best option for the land.
Through our vast knowledge of Texas lands we are able to advise buyers and investors on land and properties in such a way without bias to any one area or location.
Many buyers or sellers agents do not always have their clients' best interest in advising them on very important issues. Only a small number truly have the farming and ranching background experience of the industry before becoming real estate agents. Having been in management of large farming and ranching operations for 18 years has truly put us in a position of knowledge and expertise when it comes to advising land investors on what they are looking at, knowing what their goals are.
We have had the privilege of working very closely with one investor in particular and have bought and sold many properties for them. We can confidently report that over time, these investments have been of great financial benefit for them. We also undertook the oversight of the improvements on the properties on their behalf.
With the relative ease of internet searching, leads many people to getting in over their heads. This is especially true when it comes to unregulated areas such as owning and buying land. Oftentimes, an individual who is otherwise financially responsible enough to make a land purchase along with improvements is shocked to find they made mistakes along the way in not doing the needed research or due diligence. Experience counts..
It is with much respect to the land and the creation of it, that we offer our services in consultation on any issues pertaining to purchasing, selling, improvement, and management of land to you as a buyer, seller or investor.

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