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In addition to recreational, farming, and ranch land, USA Land and Ranch, LLC is looking for investors and/or developers who are interested in solar park projects. We can procure land for you by way of either purchase or lease agreement.
With his agricultural background, Dirk van Reenen is able to find common ground and acceptance more easily with farmers and ranchers in order to facilitate negotiations with them at terms and conditions beneficial to all parties. This background also helps him foster understanding and trust with land owners.
Dirk recently successfully negotiated and obtained the executive rights of the minerals for a solar park project consisting of 1,000 acres of land in the rolling hills of Texas. Not all of the mineral rights owners were surface owners, adding to the complexity of the project. However, Dirk's knowledge and expertise resulted in the procurement of the land for the developer and the project is proceeding successfully. See section below for additional information.
We can assist any solar developer to acquire the necessary acreage in various locations needed for their unique project. We are not limited to one area, but can assist anywhere in the state of Texas. New or existing solar facilities are welcome to contact us!

Current Solar Projects

Dirk van Reenen has been working with Dr. Miguel Oneto and a team of solar developers to procure land rights for the Misae Solar Park outside of Childress, TX. The Misae project currently consists of two sections, Misae I and Misae II. These developments are two of the largest solar parks in the state of Texas and utilize the most advanced technology available.
Misae Solar Park I is located on 1,674 acres of land and will supply enough clean, renewable energy for 60,000 homes. This location will connect with the Tesla substation.
Misae Solar Park II is located on 3,800 acres of land and will have the ability to supply enough electricity for 129,000 homes. The clean, renewable energy from this project will avoid the emission of 826,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This location will also connect with the Tesla substation.
Please see the links below for Misae Solar Park in the News.

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