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Selling your Property
Dirk van Reenen Sr. of USA Land and Ranch is a local licensed REALTOR®  ready to help you sell your land or property.
From setting the price to creating marketing, both traditional and web-based, we have a plan that will match your land with the right buyers at the right price. We are committed to courteous, professional and fast personal service to put you at ease throughout the selling process.
From any small acreage to very large tracts of land we service the entire market; hunting, recreational, cattle and farming, irrigation, oil and gas, solar, and wind for both personal and investment buyers. We reach many people by personal contact who have been our clients before and who have contacted us in the past looking for a specific property. We have an extensive customer base old and new seeking property.
Everyone is proud of what they own and wants to showcase their unique property to the best possible extent and earn the best possible price. That is where we can be of service to you the seller because we have the same values as you do about your property no matter the size or price. Each property is equally important because we are dealing with you and your feelings and emotions when selling a property.
As stewards of the land we always make it our priority to conduct deals in the best interest of our clients and to the honor of the profession of being a real estate agent.

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