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Chamanzi Wilderness Park - Property 13/0010

$5,800,000.00 ($682.00/acre)
8500 Acres

This is a collective name for property belonging to four companies. This property is very well fenced with high quality game grade fence. The property has a top-quality Lodge and an exhaustive list of housing options and facilities too many to mention. A swimming pool and a viewing deck overlook the Chamanzi stream and a Lapa associated with luxury entertainment at the pool and deck. It has a landing strip of +/- 3000 feet for light airplanes. The “Gate House” at the main entrance serves as the residence of the game wardens.
The Chamanzi stream runs for .5 miles through the property where the buildings and Lodge area is. The Mkuze River runs for about 2.5 miles through the property and between this abundance of water and all the ponds and dams on the place it has water to dream for. There are grass land plateaus, peaks, slopes, gorges and water from slow moving to rapids for fishing and swimming.
The property is well covered with a network of roads and water crossings. Abattoir area and cold storage facility trophy preparation area and maintenance workshop.
There is a list of animal species when last counted came to 1657 of which there were 46 buffalo.
Many of the difficult animals to count are not even on the list such as Leopard. For a full list of animals and more info on the housing please call me and it would be made available.
This is truly an outstanding investment and property to add to your portfolio.

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