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TBD FM RD 1038 / CoRd 437, Paducah, TX
 79248, Cottle County
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$384,000 - 320 acres - Bowen Place

This is a east half section of land which was in CRP many years and has some Mesquite trees coming back.
The 320 acres has paved road on the south side running east and west and a county road on the east side running north and south. There has been no grazing by any animals for the past seven years and the grass has rested very well and seeded very well with a thick stand of a variety of grasses native and improved.
There is a water well, with a submersible pump and electricity with water tub on the north west side of the property as well as a small trap for loading livestock. In the middle of the property on the south side there is a water tub supplied by a connection to the King Cottle Water Supply. The fences are very good all round and ready for cattle at any time. This has become a haven for Deere with the good grass and semi clear Mesquite cover. Many Bucks, does and fawn have been seen on a number of occasions on this property which has not been hunted on for 20 years.

All of the owned Minerals sell, which is 50% based on the asking price.

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