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CEO, Founder
REALTOR®, Auctioneer, Ringman

Dirk's Story

Dirk is the founder and CEO of USA Land and Ranch, LLC of Amarillo, TX. He is the supervising agent of the company and manages several other entrepreneurial ventures. Dirk is also owner of Caprock Auction Group, headquartered in Amarillo, TX.
After completion of Agricultural school and military duty in South Africa Dirk worked on a kibbutz in Ayelet HaShahar, Israel. He traveled Europe and briefly worked in England then worked in Minnesota. Returning to SA, Dirk farmed and ranched for 20 years before relocating to Texas.
Dirk managed a farming operation, fertilizer and chemical application business, and grain elevator for four years at which time he then became the General Manager to Bowen Ranches of Texas for 14 years.
During his time in this position it was one of his functions to locate and purchase good properties with potential and then remodel the properties for full production before sale.
Dirk began working with Caprock Realty of Amarillo in 2013 and currently brokers with Paul Harmon of Lubbock, TX.
"I am proud to represent many fine properties on behalf of the sellers and also being able to represent many buyers to locate the exact property that they want to buy. I look forward to be given the chance to be of service to any seller and buyer."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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